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Hackarma Features in Top 75 Hacker Blogs of 2017

Hackarma has been recognised by Feedspot as one of the Top Hacking Blogs of 2017 . We are very pleased to receive this recognition for our efforts in reporting on the cause and effect of the worlds most high profile hacks. We publish the latest news with one common theme, cause and effect, what caused the hack and what effect is has had on the targeted organisation. The format of our content is designed to provide you with a quick and simple overview, as and when the stories emerge. The full list of Top 75 Hacking Blogs can be found on the Feedspot website here.



peace-hackarma“PEACE” The Hacker That’s Breaking Records & Brand Reputations.


Over the past few weeks, there has been one single name dominating the worlds hacking headlines, “PEACE”. He/she has claimed responsibility for the record breaking hacks including: 117 million from LinkedIn, 360 million from MySpace, 68 million from Tumblr, 100 million from the Russian social media site and most recently… 71 million from Twitter. These hacks alone add up to more than 800 million accounts and growing!

How Peace has accessed all this data and the detail of his/her hacking techniques is unclear. A great deal of the data that has recently surfaced is linked to old breaches, going back to as early as 2012. Because victims reuse passwords between sites, the consequences of the breached data has been pretty serious – one instance even lead to hackers compromising the Twitter account of Mark Zuckerberg.

Earlier this week, WIRED Magazine approached “Peace” through the RealDeal market messaging system and interviewed him or her via encrypted, anonymous IM. WIRED Magazine says: “Almost none of Peace’s claims could be confirmed. Take them only as the unverified statements of a mysterious, pseudonymous, brazenly criminal hacker. The full interview can be found here.